Kohany 1.1.0 has been released | kohany.com

Kohany 1.1.0 has been released

2013-01-01 11:05:02

Kohany SEO Directory Script
version 1.1.0
  • Fixed some bugs:
    • email hostname
    • date mod when edit
  • Added some improvements:
    • database update
    • install requirments
    • better translation and spanish language
    • skip captcha when admin user
    • custom text after adding
    • better pricelist
    • few changes in styles
    • few changes in views
From 1.1.0 the numbers of version means:
Kohany X.Y.Z
X - big release, a lot of new features or big changes
Y - medium release, a few new features or a lot of small changes
Z - small release, bug fixes, small changes

Do not forget to copy the database configuration file application/config/database.php before update!

Copy the files that have been modified by you, eg:*
themes/your_template - css, img (if you have your own template)
themes/default/headers - headers (if you hold custom headers here)
application/views/your_template - views (if you have overwritten views here)

Please update (overwrite or delete and copy new) folders:

After update restore the database configuration file, your template* and remove application/classes/controller/install.php file.