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Kohany SEO directory script

We are building a modern design SEO directory software at an affordable price and available for everyone so you can build a directory for your friends, family, local community or much bigger projects, without a knowledge of computer programming and in less than 5 minutes..

Kohany directory script

Kohany directory script has potential to generate consistent revenues.

Once installed, you have easy to use and powerful SEO tool that anyone with Internet connections can use to submit websites, blogs etc. Everyone want to be first on Google and other Search Engines! This is the fact!

Admin panel is central point of this software.

Simple to use and powerful so you as a directory moderator, will manage your work effectively and change everything from design, templates, categories to rules and terms of use.
Admin panel


The software can be connected with PayPal.

So every directory transaction (like payment for featured links) will go straight in to your PayPal account.

You can also add your advertisements in your directory.

Displaying yours google adsense, never been so easier.

Please feel free and try our demo on kohany.com which will be available soon.

The people behind Kohany.com:


Together we are learning on-line marketing and computer programing. Kohany.com software is a result of our hard work and our determination.

With your support we will deliver SEO Directory software to everyone quicker, and better. We want to focus fully on kohany.com and do everything to make sure, you will love it to.